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Uludag University
Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
Department of Mechanical Engineering
16059, Gorukle, Bursa, Turkey

Phone Number: +90-224-442-8899
Fax Number: +90-224-442-8899
Email Address: aozalp@uludag.edu.tr
Web: http://www20.uludag.edu.tr/~aozalp/


  • Interests


    • Energy and Exergy Analysis of Thermo-Fluid Systems.
    • Flow and Heat Transfer Investigations Over Flat and Curved Surfaces.
    • Wind Tunnel Experimentation on The Influences of Pressure Gradients and Heated Obstacles.
    • Thermodynamic Analysis of Aero and Industrial Gas Turbine Engines.
    • Numerical Investigations on Compressible Flows Through Nozzles.
    • Numerical Investigations on Stationary and Sliding Pad Lubrication.
    • Numerical Investigations on Micro-Pipe Flows.
    • Numerical Investigations on Drying Applications.
    • Visual Programming Applications for Engineering-Computations Based Research Studies.